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Jaguar Land Rover requested our help with a problem on their new F-type assembly line where they were experiencing an issue placing a striker in the correct position so that the vehicle’s doors could close properly.   We studied the problem in detail and took pictures of the striker in situ. Whilst meeting with the personnel at Jaguar Land Rover we discussed the functional requirements and other important points and set the time limits required for different aspects of design, development and manufacturing fixtures for each side of the vehicle. In design review meetings we came up with the concept design and other technical points to discuss with Jaguar Land Rover.

Our fixture design included many small assemblies working separately and in conjunction with other assemblies on the fixture i.e. fork assembly, fork locking assembly and telescopic pivoted rod assembly etc…

We analysed and carefully chose material for the fixture to reduce its weight without reducing its strength; we also considered the ergonomic factors to make it safe and easy for the assembly line personnel using it.

The door striker fixture swivels around hinge pin. When it swings towards a car’s body the magnetic fork holds and locates the striker in the proper position. The mylar at the top checks the position of striker at Z axis as it rests on top face of the body so there won’t be a gap between door and car body. The mylar at the bottom ensures the position of striker in Y axis making sure the striker sits in place and the door will engage with it, ensuring the door in the closed position is flush with the adjacent panels. A telescopic pivot locking rod will lock around the back side of door holding fixture firm and preventing it from swinging back. The car assembler will tighten the screws of striker at this point, disengage all clamps and will swing back the fixture.

We designed and manufactured this fixture in our well equipped facility with our dedicated team of designers, tool makers and other departments in our company.  

Case Studies

F-Type Door Striker Fixture:

Rover K-Series Engine Exhaust Manifold Heat Shield

A form tool was cad designed and the parts were pressed, then hand trimmed and the edge was dutch-folded over.

The holes were drilled and the ancillary brackets were pop riveted into position.

The hole positions and the form was checked on our CMM machine and the parts were fitted to an engine for a final check.

We were approached by Caterpillar because the original drawings and tooling for this part had been lost. To add to the difficulties faced, the only sample part which could be provided was a well worn specimen from a used vehicle. They challenged us to reverse engineer the heat shield from just this poor sample :

We digitally scanned the heat shield and a single skin iges cad model was created from the scan. A Powergrade CAD engineer then turned the single skin into a double skin component by offsetting the skin by the material thickness.

Fender setting fixture

This fixture is designed to assemble the fender panels on Jaguar Land Rover cars. It comprises of location pins, mylars, location strips and spring loaded holding clamps.

The fender panel is clamped to the fixture using location pins and held firmly by spring loaded clamps. This fixture and panel is then placed onto the body. Mylars on the fixture coordinate with the edges of bonnet to give the exact location and orientation of the panel. Panels can be screwed down to the car body and by releasing the spring clamps the fixture can be easily removed.

The main frame of the fixture and mountings are manufactured from specific aluminium alloys. The mountings are then coated with our own in-house developed POWERCOAT coating. This coating gives aluminium alloy parts a 64 HRC hardness. This coating also has lubricating properties, increasing the life of the fixture and significantly reducing the weight to half its original design.

We take pride in having introduced this technique to Jaguar Land Rover. We always endeavour to utilize new techniques over conventional ones to deliver the best satisfaction to our customers.